Cucumber extract

Cucumis sativus L. is an annual herbaceous plant of the Cucurbitaceae family. This plant has large green leaves forming a canopy over the fruits, which are born from lateral buds in the leaves axils. The plant develops tendrils, so it can be guided by a trellis or it can be left to grow on the ground in a creeping way. The stems, thick and thorny are divided into knots from which arise a tendril and a leaf. Its fruit, the cucumber, is a vegetable with dark or lighter shades of green or even yellowish skin, depending on the variety, with cylindrical and elongated shape of about 30 cm. long. Inside there is a white and watery pulp with small flattened seeds spread throughout the body of the fruit.
Cucumber is rich in carbohydrates, vitamin C and citric acid, which gives purifying and sebum regulating properties. It regulates the transepidermic loss of water.