Vegan Cosmetics

Plantapol Vegan Cosmetics is the brand of natural, organic and vegan cosmetics from
Plantapol is a company that has specialized in the last 25 years in the manufacture
of food supplements and cosmetics. During these last years, there has been a natural change in
the way of taking care of consumers.
Increasingly, customers are worried and demand an alternative in consumer
habits, choosing more and more the option of healthy products which respect the
environment and, of course, are not harmful to the health of the final consumer.
Applying our experience of all these years, we have formulated a complete line
of highly effective cosmetic products, using organic and vegan ingredients.
In the absence of a European Community regulation directly applicable to this
type of product, we have decided to certify our products by the certifier Bio. Inspecta (natural
and organic products) and under the V-label certification (vegan products).
These certifiers provide a necessary endorsement to guarantee the complete quality of
our products, evaluating both the raw materials used and the entire production process.

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