Organic Calendula extract

Calendula officinalis L. (= Calendula officinalis L. var. Prolifera hort). It is an annual aromatic plant, belonging to the family Asteráceas (Composed), characterized by its height close to half a meter. Its stems are erect and branched. Its leaves are oblong-lanceolate, hairy on both sides, 5 to 15 cm long and serrated margins. The inflorescences are thick chapters (3-8 cm) surrounded by two rows of hairy bracts. The central tubular and hermaphroditic flowers are generally of a more intense orange-yellow color than that of the female peripheral flowers that have a tridentate ligule. The chapters make their appearance during a great part of the year. The fruit is a thorny and curved achene. The calendula is native to the Mediterranean region (some think it comes from Egypt) and is widely distributed throughout the world as an ornamental plant. This plant tolerates all types of soils, preferably clay, hence it is used extensively in urban gardens and gardens.

Its chemical composition deduces its properties soothing and softening properties induced by the presence of triterpenes.