Certified organic birch extract

Birch is a tree up to 20m height, with dun colour hanging branches and white bark when it is young, and grayish or brownish, with cracks at the base of the trunk, when it ages. Its leaves appear in the branches in alternating arrangement. Flowers gather in inflorescences; they are yellowish brown if they are males, and greenish if they are females. It has a slightly aromatic and penetrating odour. Its fresh leaves have a bitter taste.

Regarding its chemical composition stands out the presence of triterpenes derived of the lupane, such as lupeol and its hydroxylated derivatives, and lupane derivatives characteristic of birch, such as betulin, betulinol and betulinic acid. It also contains saponins and lignans. Given its composition in pentacyclic triterpenoids it improves the appearance of orange-peel skin, achieving an anti-cellulite and firming effect