Certified organic Fucus extract

Fucus vesiculosus L. Commonly known as fucus. It is a seaweed belonging to the Fucaceae family. This seaweed is characterized by a leathery, thin and branched, brownish-green thallus; the fucus belongs to
the group of brown algae or Phaeophyceae, since the green colour of chlorophyll is masked by other  rown-coloured pigments. The thallus is 1- 1.5cm wide and up to 1m. long. The fronds come out of the thallus and are woody, have a thick central nerve and have bifid ends. In the tips of these fronds are the reproductive organs. The fucus grows extensively, wildly, in shallow waters of the northeastern Atlantic  ocky coasts, mainly in the English Channel, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, Brittany, as well as on the eastern coasts of the United States. In some areas of the Atlantic Ocean they cover large areas which are known as the Sargasso sea. Fucus contains in its composition phospholipids (phosphatidylcholine),  arotenoids, tocopherols that exert subcutaneous action in fat clusters.