Organic Camomile Extract

Chamomila recutita (L.) Rauschert; Matricaria chamomilla L .; Matricaria recutita L. Herbaceous plant, annual, with an upright and branched stem, with few leaves. The leaves are green in very fine and flat lacinia in the beam. In the upper part of the stem, appear the heads (chapters) isolated with the bulging and hollow receptacle. In the periphery of the chapter, the female flowers are white and ligulate, while in the center the flowers are yellow and tubular. The floral chapters are the part used, from which the components are derived for use in cosmetics and in other industries such as pharmaceutical and veterinary. These are collected 3-4 times a year, they are left to dry in the shade, in an aerated place or at a maximum temperature of 35ºC.

Originating in Central Europe, it is a plant characteristic of the edges of roads and uncultivated land. It grew abundantly in Greece and since the Ancient Age, was known for its peculiar perfume. It is curious to note that the empirical data set by Dioscorides nineteen centuries ago have been confirmed by modern laboratory work.

With soothing and soothing properties. These properties are derived from the presence of flavonoids in their composition.