Organic Jojoba oil

Jojoba is one of the finest cosmetic ingredients in the world. Its inherent moisturising, emollients and  xidative stability properties, position it as one of the main cosmetic lipid substances used today. There are many misconceptions regarding jojoba, but none more erroneous than the one published and  pread by its own common name "Jojoba oil". In fact, it is a complex mixture of long-chain natural esters, with many functional cosmetic properties far superior than those of triglycerides. More than 97% of the jojoba is composed of a range of liquid wax esters, with a combination of mixed tocopherols, free sterols, and other unsaponifiable materials that complete it. In addition to the obvious chemical differences, jojoba differs from triglyceride oils extracted from seeds in other important functional characteristics. Almost all triglyceride fats and oils are easily hydrolysed and oxidised in the internal metabolism of foods. Jojoba, like other esters of wax present in nature, resists hydrolysis and oxidation for a more effective and non-occlusive control of moisture and for photoprotection of the external surfaces of skin, hair, eyes and the plants’leaves.